Face ID is a fantastic feature of Apple’s iPhone. With Face ID, all you need to do is pick up your phone, tap the power button, then look at it – that’s it! Or at least, that’s how it should be. When Face ID stops working, it can be maddening. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can fix Face ID not working, so let’s go through these now. 

Factor in Any Change in Appearance

There can be many issues surrounding Face ID, but sometimes the problems may not be owing to the phone. Sometimes it can seem like Face ID is misfiring when in reality it could be due to a recent change in your appearance that’s resulting in Face ID not recognizing your face. This is especially an issue with everybody wearing a mask now.

Update Your Software

The first port of call to fix Face ID is to check whether your iOS is up to date. If you want to give your iPhone’s Face ID the best chance of working properly, it’s essential to upgrade to the latest iOS available.

Reset Face ID

If your Face ID still isn’t working after ensuring your iOS is up to date, it’s now time to reset it.

To do this, go to Settings, then scroll down to “Face ID & Passcode.” Once you are there, you’ll receive a prompt to enter your passcode. After this is done, you will see the “Reset Face ID” option in red. By pressing this button, it will then switch to “Set up Face ID,” Press this button, and you shall be taken through the process of two facial scans that reactivate Face ID for you. It should be all set to work properly thereafter. 

There’s No Soft Solution to a Hardware Problem

Although it can often be easy to diagnose the issue with Face ID, sometimes the fault may be more obscure. If you find your Face ID isn’t working after you’ve dropped your iPhone or had another kind of accident, it is highly likely the damage is of the more permanent kind and that it requires an examination by Apple (or another mobile phone repairer) to diagnose what’s wrong.

As a last resort, it’s also good to check that there isn’t any dust or other dirt on the camera – although this is unlikely to be the cause (especially if you didn’t notice any dust or residue when trying to unlock the iPhone prior). A cleaning of the iPhone’s glass that the camera peers through could clear any particles that are obstructing the lens and its ability to recognize you.

Do You Want or Need Face ID?

It’s also important to keep in mind you can continue to use your phone even if Face ID doesn’t work, providing you can still unlock your iPhone. Face ID is a terrific feature, especially for someone who uses their phone heavily throughout the day.

But if you only use your phone sparingly, then the convenience factor of Face ID is far less important. That’s why it’s important to consider carefully whether you want or need Face ID working on your iPhone before opting for a more expensive hardware repair in the event software-based solutions don’t work.

Now that you have fixed the Face ID not working issue, you can proceed to add Face ID authentication to the Google Drive app.